Greetings, Travel Friends!


A Woman Traveler in Istanbul

View of the Hagia Sophia as seen from the Blue Mosque, in Istanbul.


The first thing you should know about me is that I’m a woman traveler who’s been to quite a few places around the globe. We’ll get to exactly where in a minute.

I’ve traveled solo, with a friend or two and in large groups with six small children. (Now THAT was a challenge—if you try to pit them against each other it only leads to very bad things.)

But I’m not unusual. The more I look around the more I discover many other female travelers, some single and some attached, who are not afraid to venture out into exotic lands and places either.

And they go solo, with travel companies, friends, family and others too—no matter what happens romantically, financially or professionally, they somehow find ways to take just one more trip. To stretch the cultural borders. To pack a suitcase and just throw themselves to the winds whenever they find a great airfare to wherever, no matter who is or isn’t going with them.

And that is really what WOWexcursions is all about. We’re a group of women who want to share our experiences and offer up advice when we can. And it won’t matter to us if you’re a woman traveler, a man or canine tagging along for the ride.

You’re welcome to read, hopefully laugh a bit, and comment about your own travel experiences here in the U.S. or abroad…there’s plenty of room below.

We’ll be talking about trips around the U.S. too, griping about the airlines, gushing over great restaurants and commenting on room service, whether we get it in Hawaii, Vegas, D.C. or Delhi.

As for where we’ve been, the list isn’t as long as we’d like it to be. Mine starts like this:


Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan in the 17th century.

History of India is even richer than the Taj Mahal, but maybe not as pretty.


  • Australia
  • The Bahamas
  • Czech Republic
  • England
  • Guam
  • India
  • Italy
  • Nepal
  • The Republic of the Philippines
  • Turkey

Lima & Machu Picchu are next on the list. And I hope to get to Moscow soon after that.

I’ll let my fellow travelers (all smart, funny, savvy women) fill in their own lists, there’s no way I could get everything down and they’ve been to way more places. But just to give you a hint, one spent months in Europe on her own, hitting every major destination there.

Another woman traveler currently lives in Sri Lanka and she’s constantly jetting off to places like Cambodia and Japan, the lucky girl!

A third was born in Panama and currently lives in Peru. She’ll have Latin America and other destinations thoroughly covered.

Last, you’ll hear from guest bloggers, just as soon as we can convince them to write and share for no pay! (We’re attempting to bribe them with fine, but slightly used Indian silks and Peruvian chocolates, but this may take a while.) The women we have in mind have been to Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, China and Queens, so expect insightful information about all of these exotic places soon.

Anyway, stick with us Travel Friends, there’s plenty of room on this ride for all of us…And again, your travel experiences are important too. Experience something funny, enlightening, heartbreaking? Tell us about it!


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