A Travel Conversation on Facebook

Hena Cuevas Airplane announcement arriving in La Paz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, as required by law we will be FUMIGATING the aircraft for INSECTS. This spray is not toxic to humans.” What??? In an enclosed space??? Then sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as the flight attendants sprayed the entire cabin with insecticide!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Taime Bengochea I am sure that is good for you!

    6 hours ago ·
  • Chris Podbielski Are you KIDDING me?

    6 hours ago ·
  • Zue J-M Hahahhahaahah!! For real? Are you joking?

    6 hours ago ·
  • Ron Palmer Sounds like the treatment for a Samuel L Jackson movie.

    “I’M TIRED OF THESE *bleeeeep* INSECTS ON THIS *bleeeeep* PLANE!!”

    6 hours ago ·
  • Hena Cuevas It was so shocking I didn’t have time to take a picture of the actual fumigation… AND the look on the passenger’s faces!

    6 hours ago ·
  • Chris Podbielski You have the best travel stories Hena…and I know a little blog that could use your input! 🙂

    6 hours ago ·
  • Juline Jordan oh my gosh, Hena – I would have freaked!

    5 hours ago ·
  • Charlene Love OMG!

    5 hours ago ·
  • Christopher Turner Did it work?

    4 hours ago ·
  • Liliana Escalante welcome to Bolivia!!

    4 hours ago ·
  • Malayna Dawn They do that on Sri Lankan Airlines flights too. Everyone covers their noses and mouths and holds their breath. Afterward there’s a lingering scent of cotton candy. But you don’t want any bugs following you home OR on vacation, do you?

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