Sydney and Marsupials

These are old photos from a trip to Australia in 2005 that I thought I’d better share now, while I remember where they are!

Aboriginal Art

The Opera House from The Royal Botanical Gardens

A cockatoo!
LOTS of cockatoos!

Antique Scuba Gear! From a shop in The Rocks – Sydney’s Old Town.

I have no idea what animal this is supposed to be, but this puppet (promoting a cell phone company) cracked me up! I feel much the same love as I once did for Saturday Nite Live’s “Toonces the Driving Cat”!

At Harry De Wheels in Woolloomooloo – With everything on them, these famously tasty hot dogs have the most unlikely combo of toppings: mashed peas, chili con carne, grilled garlic, cheese and tabasco sauce!



Petting a Koala

Holding hands with a Kangaroo

Petting Kangaroos

Tasmanian Devil profile

Tasmanian Devil peeping

Hairy-Nosed Wombats – Cute!


And finally, perhaps the weirdest of all Oz’s creatures: schoolboys in really silly uniforms!

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