Mainz on the Rhine

I was just going through some old photos, and look what I found!  Pics from a trip to a German town called Mainz (pronounced like “mine” with a zzzzz at the end) from 2003!

It’s near Frankfurt, but we never did make it into Frankfurt itself, because there was so much to do in Mainz and along the beautiful Rhine.  Castles and vineyards and tschu-tschu trains! Oh my!

Me and a Castle on the Rhine

Castles in various states of preservation dot the Rhine, but they’re all pretty awesome.

Tschu Tschu

Same sound, different spelling for this “Tschu Tschu”!

Us with Castle and Flowers

This is where the Tschu Tschu went. Up a hill to this lovely place!

Castle Turret

It was July and the weather was lovely!

Gutenberg Museum

As a writer and the daughter of a printer, I have a deep love for Gutenberg…and his cool drinking fountain!

What do you call these cars that hang from cables overhead? I must have known that at the time, so was I thinking about the wine the vineyards would make, or the river Rhine in the distance?

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