Our Banner

So, about our banner graphic…

I found, as I often do, that there are challenges when taking inspiration from the realm of thought into reality, but the end result often ends up richer for it.

The lovely cartoon ladies came from Dreamstime.com and, just so everyone knows, royalty-free licenses have been purchased. The ladies were created by a few different artists.

Darja Tokranova, aka”_deedee_” created the blonde, called “Cute T-Shirt Model” and the black-haired girl, called “Business Lady”.

Tunaxu created the redhead, called “Girl Reading Book on the Grass” and the brunette, or “Woman with Laptop”

Melisende created the Indian woman

Neda Sadreddin aka “NedaDesign” created the black woman called “Businesswoman (African)” (she might not be African-American.  She could be African-African, or African-French.  Who can say until we hear her accent?) 

The travel posters and stamps are from Zazzle.  We encourage you to do a search on Vintage Travel Postcards and visit the following stores to purchase prints of:

• The New York stamp from Yesterday Café
• Rio Stamp from Yesterday Café
• Continental Palace, Saigon from Retro Communications
• Rome from Retro Communications
• Sphinx and Pyramids from Yesterday Café
• Taj Mahal Agra from Vintage Gift Mall
• Paris from Yesterday Café
• Australia from Vintage Gift Mall
• Eiffel Tower stamp from Yesterday Café
• Hong Kong Hotel from Retro Communications
• Serengeti Safari from Vintage Urban
• Chicago World’s Fair from Eclectic Image

We love vintage stuff, because we love time-travel as much as we love world travel!  While collecting the images, I was under the impression that they are public domain images, but I wanted to give credit where credit is due.  Hopefully if our readers purchase some goodies from the above vendors, we will have paid for any unintended transgressions on our part. 

Well there you have it! 

Hope you likey!

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