The Cartoons Are Cuter than the Concept

As reported by our friend, Hena Cuevas:

From the WTF Dept: This new travel “service” matches ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE with rich, lonely travelers willing to pay to have the beautiful companions accompany them to see the world, all expenses paid. Make enough of these trips and those frequent flyer miles let you earn trips on your own, sans wealthy, lonely dude. Pimping 2012 style, perhaps?

If our cartoon selves above could travel with the cartoon dudes they show, we’d have ourselves a deal!

Then again, you probably already know we’re partial to cartoons… that’s why we think this airline safety video is the cutest EVAH!

We’re hoping one of the people who posted on Vimeo is right, and it’s part of the advance marketing for a new comedy movie. We’ll see!